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ERDAL ÖZKAN Inc. whose foundations were laid in 1985 by Dear Erdal Özkan in the industry of Çorum, has been in various manufacturing and entered the food sector with the machines of Dust Aspirator, Pneumatic Fans and Semolina Grinder in 1988. As of Today, ERDAL ÖZKAN Inc. has the manufacturing of turnkey flour, semolina and feed mills, steel construction buildings and gantry crane. With our experienced team.

ERDAL ÖZKAN Inc. which is in the second generation, has been developing their products every passing day with their department of research and development.

ERDAL ÖZKAN Inc. has taken place in the industry sector by exporting 70% of their production. ERDAL ÖZKAN Inc. which exports to 23 countries of the world, exports a large part of it to the countries of the Middle East and Africa. ERDAL ÖZKAN Inc. whose production is registered with the brand of ‘ZMAKSAN’ , has been developing and offering a better service to its customers every passing day.

Yasin Özkan

Vice Chairman of The Board


ERDAL ÖZKAN Machine companies in the field is preferred to be among the most reliable and principle, the management and quality policy in this direction. Production ‘ZMAKSAN’ MACHINE ERDAL ÖZKAN Inc. registered its brand and developing every day offers a better service to its customers.

Has identified the following main headings in order to ensure continuity of this policy.

  • - The world’s technology, which monitors standards to design products that exceed customer expectations.
  • - Our customers the most competitive price, superior quality and most reliable products in accordance with the legislation in a timely manner.
  • - The health, safety, present and future of secure, continuously organize activities in order to increase loyalty and satisfaction, increase training and personal development, in line with the principle of transparent management information, the spirit of shared responsibility and empowered team constantly keep fit.
  • - Developments in co-operation with suppliers to ensure strict and continuous monitoring results and service chain to be sure that all- All employees, including senior management, particularly ERDAL ÖZKAN MACHINERY INDUSTRY Quality Policy is responsible for implementing andimproving the effectiveness of the quality system.
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